Got a business idea? 

Need to raise capital? 

Need investors? 

Together we can turn your dreams into reality.

Our specialized coaches will help you compile your business plan,

strategy and financial models to kick start your business.



A clear understanding of strategy to move forward

is key to financial success.

Business strategy is a chosen plan to achieve the desired future of your organization.

It helps to identify hurdles you may face and how to overcome them.

Thus, strategy is the activities needed to achieve the goals that an organization set for itself.

Without a dedicated business plan your idea will NOT leave the drawing board. This is what the investors look at and base their decisions upon. Business Plans can take entrepreneurs years to complete. This is too late.

A business plan is a document setting out a business's future objectives and strategies. They are usually broken down in bite-sized chunks. It provides a roadmap to navigate business through all the challenges it will and may face. Thus, it is the decision-making compass that determines direction and purpose for overall business actions to arrive at a desired destination.





Almost no start-up masters this CRUCIAL element. Why? Because your focus is on your idea. Let us do the office work.

Financial modelling portrays all the financial aspects of an organization often categorized under income and expenditure. It inevitably concludes with cash flow projections which determine whether or not your company will be financially sound. 

Importantly it also identifies the amount of capital that must be raised through various means to ensure the livelihood of the organization.  Here, a financial model enables entrepreneurs to understand their cash and to determine their burn-rate.


If you don't have sound legal advice from the beginning --

you risk EVERYTHING!

JKLS Africa gives top-class legal advice that includes all types of commercial legal contracts, company structuring, high-level negotiations, joint ventures, general legal advice, legal compliance, and legal forensics including personal security. There is no reason to take risks that can be reduced to manageable levels. It all starts with compliance and understanding the threats  JKLS owner, Koos Kotze wrote dozens of books on business, law, and counter-terrorism and have known Jacques Coetzee for many years. Together they wrote, "Start Up!"

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  • Design and implementation of comprehensive and interactive financial-and business models;

  • Training and coaching on financial modelling, preparation and presentation;

  • Company valuation, business analysis, financial viability and due-diligence;

  • Engaging with and preparation for investor proposals and presentations;

  • Determining company and/or product viability and potential;

  • Research, articulate and implement market penetration strategies;

  • Dismantling crisis situations and determining a sound response to business threats and opportunities;

  • Guide business decisions through interactive threading;

  • Gear organisations for competitive positioning through unique selling propositions & sound strategies; and

  • Leverage business model to secure solid returns on investment